Code Vanguard Rebranding

New Look, New Focus Code Vanguard is going through a complete rebranding. This is the starting step in what will be a total overhaul of the services we offer. We will be shifting focus to becoming a full-service business consulting company that seeks to solve business problems through the lens of technology. We will strive to understand the challenges you face and to design the … Continue reading Code Vanguard Rebranding

DevOps for your Organization – Part 1: Overview

This post is part of the DevOps for your Organization series, where we walk through some basic steps you can take to move your organization towards the DevOps process. The full series can be found here. DevOps for Code Vanguard Clients For all of our clients here at Code Vanguard, the first thing we do when starting a new project is to build out an automated build and release pipeline. We found that this minimum DevOps implementation has had a measurable … Continue reading DevOps for your Organization – Part 1: Overview