About The Process

The Challenge

Getting your Dynamics 365 solution under source control is already an onerous process. Getting from your source control into your environments for testing and release is an even more complicated task. Environments need to be normalized, settings changed and changed back.


Generally, this process is done in either completely manually or in a semi-automated fashion with the help of some in-house scripts. The deployment administrators will usually have a playbook to follow, passwords are in text files, special secret configuration strings are divined, rites and rituals are performed… We’ve even heard horror stories about ancient servers in dark corners of long-forgotten janitor’s closets.


Bring your process out of the shadows and into the modern era. Make it transparent, repeatable, well-documented, and completely automated.






Leverage Our Experience of Delivering Enterprise Dynamics 365 Pipelines

Code Vanguard has built out automated build, test, and release pipelines for a variety of clients, including a global 500 corporation, supporting:

  • U.S. Department of Defense,
  • U.S. Department of the Treasury, and
  • U.S. Department of Transportation


We have personally overseen more than 500 automated deployments to Dynamics instances on-premise, Dynamics 365 Online, and Dynamics 365 for US Government.

The results

Faster and More Stable

Let us help you accelerate your delivery time while reducing your time to discover and remediate problems in your software.

See all the features of building out your DevOps for Dynamics with Code Vanguard!