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DevOps for Dynamics Features

Leverage Code Vanguard's deep knowledge in building out DevOps for Dynamics 365 to deliver faster and more reliably.

DevOps for Your Team

Code Vanguard can help you refine your vision and transform the way that you release your product. Your product is unique, and so should be the way that you release it. We will tailor processes to your specific goals. We will also provide your developers with the tools and training they need to thrive. Using our proprietary tools, they can stand up their own custom build and release workflows to achieve their goals.


See how we can help:

Tools for your Team

Refine Your Application


We work with your team to define the application lifecycle for your PowerApps application that fits your needs, including:


  • How to pull customizations and store it in source control
  • Which branching and tagging strategy works best
  • How to work together to resolve code conflicts
  • What are the code review and testing requirements
  • How and when to release to testing, staging, and production
  • Who should approve deployments and when they should do it
Tools for your Team

Bespoke Build &

Release Pipelines

We build out your build and release pipelines to your specification, while giving guidance along the way. Commonly requested features include:


  • Release rings to monitor and minimize outage impact
  • Approvals processes for releases into test and production
  • Integration with static code scanning tools
  • Generation and publishing of release notes
  • Private build servers for custom tooling


As your project grows and evolves, so will your needs. That is why each of our packages includes monthly support hours. As you have new requirements for your process, we will be there to help.

Tools for your Team

Developer Training &


Your developers drive your business value. To improve their efficiency is to improve your time to market, getting value delivered into the hands of your customers faster. We want to improve their delivery capabilities. To support that, we offer them:


  • Personalized training in Azure DevOps and in your tailored ALM process
  • Developer workflow tools to accelerate the way that they connect and work with Power Platforms
  • A comprehensive Developer’s ALM Guide to lead them through the common problems which arise.
  • Supplemental support when they need an extra hand
Tools for your Team

Accelerate Your Build &

Release Pipelines

Use Code Vanguard’s custom Azure DevOps pipeline tasks to quickly solve common problems.


These tasks empower your development team to build out and customize their Azure DevOps pipelines quickly and reliably.

See Custom Tasks
DevOps Accelerator

These tools focus more broadly on the CI/CD experience in DevOps in general. They’re meant to improve the capabilities of a developer who is not experienced in building out their own CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps.

Rename Build

Renames a build to the name provided at runtime. This can be useful in making the build have a human-readable name to quickly identify its purpose

Rename Release

Renames a release to the name provided at runtime. This can be useful in making the release have a human-readable name to quickly identify its purpose.

Create Version Variables

Creates several version variables at runtime. These can be used to version solutions, assemblies, or rename your build/release.

Dynamics DevOps Accelerator

These tools focus more specifically on the CI/CD experience in DevOps for Dynamics 365 development. They’re meant to accelerate the speed with which a build and release pipeline can be deployed.

Generate Solution Name

Uses a set of inputs to create the solution file name in the format that solution packager uses. This can be used later to designate a dynamically generated solution.

Find Solution Version

Looks at a solution zip file and finds the solution version from its name. Creates a set of solution variables that are usable in later steps of the build/release.

Move Plugin Artifacts/Web Resources to Solution Folder

Moves any generated plugin artifacts or web resources to the solution folder for solution packing.

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