Code Vanguard Rebranding

Code Vanguard is going through a complete rebranding. This is the starting step in what will be a total overhaul of the services we offer.

We will be shifting focus to becoming a full-service business consulting company that seeks to solve business problems through the lens of technology. We will strive to understand the challenges you face and to design the right solution to fit your specific needs.

It is our belief that technology and automation tools are the edge that modern companies need to stay ahead. Leveraging these tools with give you the competitive edge in your market.

Finally, we believe that the tools and technology are such that geography shouldn’t prevent you from getting the best consultants in their fields. We search out the best talent internationally to meet your needs.

Code Vanguard logo
Code Vanguard’s new logo. Thank you M for your design work

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If you have a business or technical problem that you think we could help you to solve, reach out to us as

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Thank you M for the complete logo redesign! For anyone who needs a graphic designer, I would advise you to reach out to M. He was professional, polite, prompt, and thorough.

His portfolios can be found here:

James Stephens About the author

James is the founder of Code Vanguard and one of its developers. He is an applied mathematician turned computer programming. His focuses are on security, DevOps, automation, and Microsoft Azure.

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